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Resume keywords

Importance of Resume Keywords

Resume keywords are an essential word or series of words, relevant to the particular job you are applying for. Keywords are used to match up accomplished applicants – mention the specific keywords for your field and you have a greater chance of qualifying for an

healthcare resume

What You Need to Know About Writing a Health Care Resume

After completing your health care training, you may feel armed and ready to land the perfect job. However, the steps towards starting your new job require an eloquent, successful health care resume. This infographic, “Career Guide: Perfecting Your Medical Resume,” created by Carrington College, can

customer service resume

A Guide for Creating an Effective Customer Service Résumé

When a candidate decides to create a customer service résumé he/she may be uncertain whether to use curriculum vitae instead and which of these two is the appropriate way to approach certain opportunities. Résumé A résumé is defined as a summary. It is a concise

medical assistant resume

The most effective medical assistant resume

Being a medical assistant can be a very rewarding job, but in case you decide to apply for this job, you must prove you are up to the challenge. You will have to deal with people that suffer and are in pain, which will not