Ten Tips To Add Glamor To Your Resume

Your resume can be one of the most important tools when it comes to job hunting or seeking out further professional experience.

An important part of creating a resume is creating a section for achievements, which allows you to stand under a spotlight. Generally your resume is the only thing a recruiter sees to learn about you and your accomplishments.

You need to mention everything that you have ever accomplished to your resume in order to leave a good impression on the recruiter. If you are searching for ways to add glamor to your resume, take a look at the following few tips:

Embrace The Writing, Instead Of Rejecting It Altogether

Many people just give up on the idea of including achievements in detail when it comes to resume writing because they shy away from the experience. Only when you learn to love writing will you be able to add glamor to your resume.


Gain Technical And Maintenance Skills

If you want to add a list of useful achievements, make sure they are in the department of technical and maintenance skills. Informing the reader about different certifications that you have gained can do wonders for your resume.


Learn About The Trends Of Achievement Lists

To be the best, you have to learn from the best. For this reason, you need to spend your time online to learn about the trends of different list of achievements which could help you learn how and why someone is earning as it is.


Note Everything Down In A Diary

When you go through daily projects and tasks, a need of a diary becomes self-explanatory. Recording your own history can help you recall later about your projects, especially if you get a large number of projects every now and then.


Gather Letter Of Recommendations

The best way to add glamor to your resume is by asking your past employers for statement of recommendation. Your statement of recommendation will help the recruiters to understand how you cooperated within a business environment. This is also going to help them see how useful you can be for their organization.


Track Your Statistics To Use Them For Later

When you work at your office, whether it is a small task or a big project, keep track of all the numbers and statistics like time intervals that might be involved within the process. You can use your statistics for describing your job in the resume.


Use Different Timescales For Numbers

The trick to making a strong impression is by making use of different timescales for your numbers. For example, if you handle five projects a day, it wouldn’t sound much. But, if you claim that you handle 150 projects per month, now that will spark attention.


Describe The Challenges That You Had To Face

Have you ever had to face a difficult task that required you to think out of the box? If it did, you need to mention it in your resume by describing the reader how you overcame with the required task.


Look At The Bigger Picture

Do not think that you have got no achievement to enlist in your resume. Look at your current and previous employee position from a bigger picture. Try to see your work as a contribution that you have made to your company.


Keep Going On Without Giving Up

Last but certainly not the least on this list, refuse to give up. Even if you believe that you have given everything you could to your resume in the department of achievements and it is still not bring any wonders in the job department, keep trying and do not lose hope.

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