How To Spot Fake Jobs Online

Although the internet makes it easier for us to find employment it also makes it easier for scammers to try and take advantage of people.

For years now people post fake job listings or sometimes company’s themselves post misleading listings.  There are 2 types of fake jobs this article will help you avoid.

The first is when there is no job at all and they just want to gather your personal information.  The second type is listing are for jobs where you only get paid commission.

This article will help you spot opportunities that aren’t right for you as well as give you some things you can do to double check the validity of a job.

 Look for signs in the description

When looking at a job posting, pay attention to the type of language that is being used. Fake jobs LOVE to focus on how much money you can make. They focus on this because the people who fall for the lure of money will probably be willing to work for them.

If you see an ad promising you fast cash or guaranteeing how much you will make per week you need to be wary.

Remember you are looking a for a job. Real jobs don’t emphasize how much you will make, rather they focus on the skills needed and what your responsibilities will be if you’re hired.

Look at the types of images used

Lets examine a couple ads. Look at the one below.

fake jobs

  • It says “Join my team” –  What team? Which company is this?
  • “Set your own hours” “ Make your own income” –  It’s important you recognize this language. This is a sign of a company making you promises they cant keep. Did you notice how nowhere in the ad it says how you are going to do this?

This ad was probably posted by someone looking for commission only workers. They promise you that you can work whenever you want but you only get paid when you sell something. So basically you get nothing if you don’t work all the time.

Let’s check out another example – this ad has lots of text and details but let’s take a closer look into what they are actually saying.

fake jobs

“Candidates to learn my business” – Again; what business? What company is this? Why would we want to learn it?

“Warn a minimum of $750 – $1,500 a week!” – Instead of providing you with details they distract you with promises of money again.

“Have an entrepreneurial spirit” – Probably because this is a commission only job designed to take advantage of hard workers.

Look at the job requirements. Notice how you need no school or technical skills at all? Ask yourself, do you really think such an amazing job is available to the open public? Do you really think you can earn 1500 a week with no qualifications working with this “business”?

Always be wary of the language sellers are using. When in doubt send them a message to all the info you need.

Ask the right questions

If you are having trouble deciding if an ad is real or fake simply send them a message. Ask them one or a combination of the following questions:

  •  Is this a salary position?
  • How often will i be paid and how?
  • Does your company have a website?
  • How long has your company been around?
  • Why are the qualifications so low for this position?
  • Do you have an office I can call?
  • What is your offices mailing address?

After you send them these questions 1 of 2 things will happen.

If it is a legitimate job they will respond answering all your questions.  They will give you the information you requested which will allow you to conduct additional research of your own.

If it is a fake job they will either not respond or give you incomplete answers to your questions. They will try and dance around what you have asked them – don’t wast your time with people like this.


Personal responsibility is a huge part of staying safe online. By reading this article you have taken a step towards becoming a more tech savvy person who wont be so easy to scam.

Always keep your eyes open and never be afraid to ask lots of questions. Keep asking questions until you are 100% satisfied!

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