Public Speaking Skills Are Important!

By Stewart  Louis

Public speaking is a skill which is required often at every stage of life. Whether you are studying or perusing a career, your public speaking skills should be developed well. Lacking in public speaking skills can lead to a negative impression to the people around you. All your logic, skills and talent will seem incoherent if you don’t have courage to speak about it in public.

To eradicate this fear of public speaking which makes you cringe often, there are simple strategies to follow. A little preparation can calm down your nerves and you will be more confident at the podium.

Prepare and plan!

First of all, if you have to deliver a speech, put your best effort to craft it. Decide the structure of communication. Try watching videos of expert public speakers and notice their way of communication. Include logic and stories. Interesting headlines and statistics are also a plus point. Once you are done with proper planning, do not take the practice lightly.

Practice as much as you can in front of mirror, family and friends if you really want to be good at your big day. Put yourself in such situations where you can practice. Also ask for feedback to improve.

You can also join toastmasters club which is especially for aspiring speakers and you will be provided with plenty of opportunities to speak at toast master sessions.


Average listening span is 20 minutes. If you exceed your speech from 20 minutes, chances are may be some of the audience is already snoozing. To avoid boring public speaking, keep your speech short and crisp. Engage audience by asking questions and their opinions. Also add humor if the topic is not serious.

Get comfortable with the environment:

If you are delivering your speech or presentation in college or work place, try to practice at the same place before. Getting comfortable with the environment will boost up your confidence and you will be more natural.

Body language and appearance:

At First glance, audience judges you though your appearance and body language. Make eye contact, give a smile and don’t let the panic inside you come on your face. Keep yourself calm. Take care of your gestures. Dress good and comfortably. If you will look good, you will feel good and hence you will do well!

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