How to dress for an interview and make an impression

Picking an outfit for an interview can be a tough decision, everyone wants to look their best but are unsure of where to start.  The following information will help you learn how to dress for an interview.

If you’ve done research you might have stumbled across a company’s dress code. If so try and follow it while still dressing in a way that’s comfortable for you. Looking good and professional is important but being comfortable is as equally important since you are going into what could be a tense situation.  You don’t want to be wearing an overly hot suit on a hot day for example.

A good way to be comfortable and still look professional is dressing business casual. Khakis or dress pants with a collared shirt make for a great general outfit. Not too fancy, not uncomfortable, just right.  A business casual attire will let you remain comfortable while still looking professional.

dressing for an interview men

Men’s pants for an interview


If you are applying for a professional job obviously you will want to wear something like a suit. If you are heading to a interview at the mall, a casual dress shirt would suffice.

Investing in a good suit is key for many parts in life; it can apply to many situations. It helps you maintain a professional aura and helps boost your confidence.

Of course not everyone can afford a suit especially to buy on short notice. If business casual isn’t appropriate for your interview you’ll have to be a bit creative. If you have dress pants you are good to go there. Wear a collared shirt even if it’s only a t-shirt. Wear black shoes (or whatever color matches your pants) and make sure they are clean before you go out.

No matter what you wear make sure it’s ironed and free of lint spots.  These are basic things that some people forget.  Prepare your outfit from overnight to save yourself time and trouble.

As a male you want to pick clothes with solid colors, nothing too flashy.  Make sure your wearing black socks and if your wearing a tie make sure its tied tightly. Don’t wear any colognes or sprays, just take a shower and use deodorant. If you have facial hair make sure it is trimmed neatly and is presentable.

Avoid strong or flashy patterns in your outfit, this includes “gag” ties.  Your tie should ideally compliment the rest of your outfit.  Also make sure you wear dark colored socks and only black or brown dress shoes.

Business casual vs out of business

For women limit the amount of jewelry you wear during an interview, unless it goes with your outfit and looks professional. Try to go easy on the makeup and definitely easy on any strong perfumes.  When wearing a skirt, pick on that is a little longer than usual.  Black, navy and brown are all good, plain interview choices. Again void wearing any strong patterns or colors.  If you choose to wear heels, pick ones that are a reasonable height.

For both sexes make sure your nails are clean and presentable as I’m sure you will have to shake someone’s hand. Make sure your hair is nice and neat, check for any fluff in your hair or on your clothes before you go in.

Also clean your shoes. If you don’t have shoe polish and a rag, simply take a cloth and some water and just get them looking as clean as you can.

Use the above tips and your judgement when figuring out how to dress for an interview.  As said before, if you can see what the dress code is or how employees dress, you can get a good idea of what to wear.

Don’t spend too much time picking out your outfit, once you look good on the outside you must also be inwardly prepared to impress your interviewer.   Dressing properly for an interview will help give you the confidence you need to go in and shine.

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