This article will allow you to take control of any interview

If you want to make a lasting impression during a interview preparation is a key step. Too often people go into interviews blind. They don’t know what the company wants out of the position, what the position responsibilities are, they don’t know about the company and their values and subsequently these are the candidates that are easily forgotten.

To set yourself apart from the rest simply execute some research before the interview. The more professional and competitive the position the more research it will take to be successful.

First step is to take the job listing and analyze it. Write down all the qualities you think the company is looking for and the qualities that would help with the job. Once you have this compare your list with your actual skills to see which ones you should focus on more during the interview.

Secondly you want to research the company. You don’t have to know everything about them off the top of your head but its good to have these 2 pieces of information ready: their mission and what they do. If you can keep these 2 things in your head at all time you can play to their interesting and align your skills with the things you know they like and stand for.

If they are a manufacturing company perhaps get a bit familiar with the stuff that they make, if its clothing take a look at their designs and have one in mind to talk about.

If possible try and find out more about the environment you will be working in. Search online for how employees feel about the company and the type of atmosphere they work in. Try and find out if there is a dress code and try and dress similarly for the interview.

If you can do these things you will go into the interview feeling confident.  Practice answering questions and write some questions based on your research to ask them.  Ask in depth questions that show you’ve done your research- prove to them you are not like the other candidates.

Some ways to research a company if your having trouble:

  • Their website
  • Google “ company’s name goes here” news ( this brings up all news with the company’s name)
  • Look in business magazines
  • Google “company’s name goes here” employee review
  • If possible go inside and see what the environment is like ( are the people happy? is there a dress code?)

Coming into an interview prepared like this shows a company your interest, enthusiasm, intelligence and commitment. If you want a job sometimes you need to go to the extra mile.

Leave your comments below, discuss what has worked for you and what hasn’t.  If this helped you share this with your friends!

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