6 Jobs That Are Easy To Get In A Pinch

Here are some jobs that are easy to get to hold you over in a pinch. These jobs require little or no experience and pay well enough to get you back on your feet. Start targeting these businesses in your area to end your hunt faster.

Delivery Driver

Restaurants and pizza joints always need delivery drivers. It’s not the most glamorous job but you can get some pretty awesome tips. Also you can get your foot in the door for a in store position that pays more.

Want to make being a delivery driver really worth it? Apply only and pizza shops close to the rich areas in your city – they tend to tip more than everyone else!

Annual Salary Range: $17,000 – $47,000

Taxi Driver

Requirements to be a taxi driver are going to differ depending on where you live. Generally once “hired” by a taxi company, you pay them to lease a taxi cab and keep the money from the fares.

Driving a taxi can sometimes be dangerous and the hours long depending on the company you’re with. Try and get a feel of the company by talking to some other drivers. As a taxi driver you are to a certain extent self employed so a huge amount of your success falls on you.

Annual Salary Range: $18,000 – $66,000

getting a job quickly

Real Estate Broker

Are you good at dealing with people? Do you have a passion for sales? If you do then perhaps a real estate career is your calling. If you don’t mind putting in the hard work of studying the market and studying sales in general you can reap the benefits of selling something that people will always need: a home.

Being a real estate broker is among the best paying of jobs that you can get with a minimal amount of professional skills.  Again, it does require hard work to succeed.

Annual Salary Range: You decide!


You don’t need any formal experience to be a bartender but you should strongly consider completely a bar tending course at your local community center. Bar-tending is an extremely fast paced job and completing the course will at least make employers more likely to hire you.

Again this is a job with low qualifications needed to join, therefore if you do get hired as one you should use the opportunity to work your way up within the company.

Annual Salary Range: $14,000 – $48,000

School Bus Driver

If you have the patience to be up at the crack of dawn with a bunch of young kids then this may be the job for you.   School bus drivers require little qualifications aside from a valid and clean driver’s license.

Most bus drivers work a route in the morning and one again in the afternoon. This can turn into a long term position with benefits.

Annual Salary Range: $16,500 – $41,000

Entry Level Oilfield Worker

Usually just a high school diploma is required to start out working with an oil company. They offer competitive rates and allow you to work in various locations.

All training is provided by the company. Working in an oilfield can be a little dangerous which is why the salary is much larger than a normal job.

Annual Salary Range: $23,000 – $50,000

Remember to customize your resume to suit each job you apply for.  Generally these are all jobs that are easy to get no matter your current life situation.  Keep working hard eventually the opportunities you want will come your way.  Always look for new ways to improve what you’re doing and never give up!


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