Post Interview Etiquette

“Thank you for your time, we will call you after we finish up the interviews”   This is the last thing most people without jobs hear during an interview.  They hear this line and hope and pray that  the interview went well enough to warrant a call back.  This is where post interview etiquette should come in to play.

While these people wait the people who end up getting hired, are following up with the interviews regardless of what they said.   Successful job candidates never let that line be the last contact with a interviewer; at least not if they want a job. This article will give you some procedures, tips and tricks to follow after interviews.

Phone call follow up

Following up with a call is a great way to make the interviewer remember you. After 2 or 3 days just simply give them a call- your goal is to get either another interview or get hired.

When you call the first order of business is to thank them for their time and for giving you the opportunity to interview.  Talk about how excited and hopeful you are to work with this company, here is where you would talk about your skills that would make you a good fit for the company.

Be sure to keep the call brief, all you want to do is stick out in there mind and remind them of why your special.  Make sure you practice what your going to say before you call, write it down.

Thank you letters

Another great way to be remembered after an interview is a thank you letter.  Not a think you email (which can still be effective) but a hand written letter that is personalized.  The content of the letter would be the same as the phone call- thank them for their time and the interview and remind them of your skills.

Use a pen or pencil and hand write the letter, it adds a certain touch of personality that will set you apart now a days.  In the example that follows the company’s name will be CCDR


Hello (interviewers name)

Just contacting you to say thank you for the awesome opportunity you gave me to interview for the facilitator position. I really enjoyed learning more about what CCDR does and feel the current program that you are working on is truly a great thing for people of our city. The CCDR environment seems like a wonderful place to work and I genuinely have a passion for the type of things that you do.  Just a reminder I am fairly proficient in terms of marketing and I would be available and very interested to help out with new projects or events in any way that i can.

Thank you for your time again

Your name


Part of post interview etiquette also has to do with the ending moments of the interview.   If you want to leave a lasting impression take the time and prepare a closing sales pitch of yourself.   This speech should include all your skills, positive attributes and why you would be a good fit.  One you have finished this speech ask the interviewer this:  Do you see anything missing between my skills and what’s required for this position?

This is a powerful question. If the interviewers responds yes and says he does see something missing this gives you a chance to explain yourself to him. This question also shows that you are engaged and serious about getting the position. The point of this question is to get the interviewer to bring up any reason why he wouldn’t hire you and the show him why he is wrong.

The goal is always to get the interviewer to remember you.  Be unique and be prepared and you will succeed.  If this article has helped you please share it with a friend!  Please leave your comments below.

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