The Theory Of Interview Situations

If you can understand the theory of interview situations you will be better prepared to succeed.  Employers use a variety of tactics to hunt for the perfect employee.  If you know what to look for you can avoid falling in their traps.

The tactics employers use can be confusing, hard to see and most of the time they are working against you.

Control is at the center of the interview situations. Most of the time as soon as you walk in to an interview the employer starts executing tactics to establish control.

This is sometimes done by making you wait for long periods of time or making you fill out tedious forms. Employers want to make it clear that you’re on their turf. They want you uncomfortable so they can watch how you react.

Other tactics include holding group interviews. These types of interviews create a competitive environment and employers watch closely how you handle it.

Employers may pose a question to the entire group but only let a limited amount of people answer. Since nobody wants to be left out, this creates a situation where people will be more aggressive to try and make an impression.  Employers do this to bring out qualities that they want to see.

When you are aware of tactics like these you can take measures to work against them.

If you find yourself in a power struggle, don’t play into their hands. Simply remain calm and do your best to prepare. Go over your responses in your head and execute your revenge on them by blowing them away during the interview.

If you are in a group interview then use their tactics against them.  Give them exactly what they want: a highly competitive individual not afraid to speak their mind.

To excel here it’s crucial you’re able to think fast on your feet and not be afraid to rub your potential colleagues the wrong way.

As an employee it’s important to have tactics of your own. Pay close attention to what the employer is looking and align yourself with those qualities. Doing research before is good way to find out what a company is looking for.

Play to peoples interests; show them how you can help them save money or time. Show the employer what’s in it for them if they pick you.

If you can understand the thinking of employers during interviews then you will be better equipped to succeed.

Don’t let what employers are doing make you hesitate or feel uncomfortable. Remain as natural as possible and rely on the preparations you made in order to succeed.

Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.

Joyce Meyer

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