Guest Blog: Why a Great Interview Doesn’t Mean You’ve Found the Right Job

By Manali Mittal

You just walked into the interview room and bang- everyone in the interview panel seems to be appreciative. Then days after you have sent a Thank-You note, you wonder what went wrong that you didn’t hear from the company again.

Some of the reasons could be:

You were too modest that you ended up short-selling without knowing

Getting just of the college can leave you filled with modesty, but interview room is not the place to show that. What you need to show is the relevant skills and experience that matches the job profile. If you couldn’t show your real worth and still think that employers hire on the basis of modesty, you need to change the perception.

You gave just too many unnecessary details

Being meticulous and detail-oriented is good but not good when stretched long and that too in an interview. If the interviewer is patient you would never know the difference, and think that you have got it. Being crisp can do wonders in an interview when you have not omitted the necessary points-of-mention.

What you took as great conversation was either superficial or bossy

You though the conversation inside went quite well, while the panel were discussing how offensive your artificial enthusiasm was. Researching a company well can remove the appearance of being ‘non-genuine.’ Secondly, don’t try to control the interviewers (as you can only control the conversation but not people).

The interviewer was appearing friendly (but was not) to get more honest answers from you

When the recruiter talks a lot, it might actually hint that he couldn’t make a concrete decision for you. And thus continues to explore you as to how honest you are with your answers and if you would prove to be a good fit.

Other (better) candidate came over

Last but not the least, someone has genuinely prepared better than you and became the first choice for that profile.

Author Bio:

Manali Mittal is the content marketing manager at AMCAT, an employability assessment test for college students and graduates. Follow AMCAT on Facebook, Google plus and Twitter for latest job openings and career advice.

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