Create an Effective Resume Using the Best Resume Key Words

resume key wordsWhen you think about making your resume, you try to make it as presentable as possible. You want to make sure that the manager that is reading it will get the message about your skills, experience, activity and any other relevant aspects that might make him hire you, and nobody else. But, the biggest issue for all managers is that they never have enough time to study each resume thoroughly. In fact, everything goes on so fast, that studies show they spend about 6 seconds to look at each resume, before making the call of whom to hire. So how can you make sure you are going to grab the attention? By optimizing your resume, using resume key words. Here are the reasons why you should use them and which ones are the best.

How resume key words can make your resume better

Considering the very short amount of time managers, and human resources departments, invest when reading a resume, you need to use some strategies to make them stop on your resume a bit longer. At least enough to notice that you are the best candidate. Thus, you need to use the proper resume key words to turn the reader’s attention. Also, don’t tell what you achieved. Show what you achieved instead, by offering concrete numbers. The whole idea of a resume is not to make it look like a novel, adding all types of information you might think it is useful. No one will ever read it all. Thus, better create a short and concise resume, tailored for the position you are after, offering clear and easy to notice the info about your achievements. And, of course, use resume key words.

Best resume key words

The point is that managers wish to see determined persons, who are ready to step into the action and take a bite of whatever needs to be done. They need to see if that person is reliable and will help them achieve their goals. So resume key words that depict actions and involvement are the best ones that attract the attention you need on your resume. Here are some concluding examples:

  • achieved
  • improved
  • created
  • resolved
  • managed
  • negotiated
  • won
  • influenced

So was you can see, these resume key words allow a good view of the past actions a person unrolled. Use these resume key words in short and comprehensive sentences, by adding numbers that can complete the image if you have them.

Worst resume key words

There are some resume key words that can make a manager pass over your resume in 2 seconds. And you don’t want that to happen. You don’t need to advertise yourself or brag in a resume. Managers don’t want to see what you can do, but more what you have done and how can you help them out in the future. Here are the resume key words you should never use in your resume: best-of-breed, go-getter, team player, self-motivated, hard worker, proactive, result-driven, value add, etc. So you can see the difference between these resume key words and the other ones. Go for actions and results, and forget about praising yourself.


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