So do you have any questions for me?

“Well, do you have any questions for me?”

We all hate this question. It comes at the end of the interview, after you have just been pressed into answering questions yourself, now they want you to ask them stuff?! Its hard to think of something to say on the spot, hear are some tips for this situation.

The key to succeeding at this part of the interview is preparation and research.  Come up with your questions ahead of time- don’t assume you will develop questions as the interview goes on.

If you are given the chance to ask questions use this to build rapport with the person. Ask them personal questions about their life at the company, ask more about them as if you are genuinely interested in them. This builds rapport and leaves a lasting impression. It can also help you find out some information about the company.

Another good type of questions to ask are questions that reinforce your qualifications. If it is appropriate ask if you they would like you to go over your relevant skills again, or try and think of a question that relates to one of your positive attributes


  • How long have you been working here/in this industry?
  • How did you get your start here? ( To be followed by: You must have lost of experience doing ____ what’s your favorite part? )
  • Why did you decided to choose this company?
  • Do you see any gaps between my skills and the job requirements?
  • This question allows you to follow up with a recap of your skills, giving you another chance to leave an impression

This is also a good chance to ask some work related questions:

  • What type of training would I receive?
  • Can you describe a typical day?
  • Who would i be reporting too?  Would anyone be reporting to me?
  • Where does this position fit in with the company’s long term goals?
  • What problems might I face in this position?
  • Is future relocation a possibility in this position?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions that sell you as well.  If you have strong computer skills for example ask ” Are there any specific opportunities for a person with strong word processing and general computer skills in this company?”  This question does 2 things: reminds the interviewer of your skills and shows your interest for growth.

Don’t ask too many questions! Usually when this question comes up in a interview it is a sign they are done asking questions and are starting to wrap up. A few questions is fine but pay close attention to body language to tell when it is time to stop.

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