Resume Tips For Government Jobs

By:Aditya Singhal

Before creating a resume for Government job you may have gone through many hurdles like getting selected for examination then clearing the exams. Until now you have crossed just half the path for government jobs. Remember a proper resume may give you an interview call and eventually a government job.

In a single day recruiters receive thousands of resumes and if you think your resume should be selected then it should be as per the recruiter. Yes, if it is as per their criteria then only your resume will be selected and you will be called for interview. Before selecting you recruiter wants to ascertain you as the right person for the job.

To go through a resume, recruiters take only 6 seconds and they don’t go beyond 6 seconds to take the decision. That is within 6 seconds they should get clear image about you. Before the interview call, your resume test is taken and your resume should talk about yourself.

Here are some useful tips to create Resume to apply for government jobs.

  1. Length of Resume

Many think resume should be big and lengthy by this way they can impress the employer. Wrong! Nobody interested in knowing useless things or about your personal details which are less important.

Your resume should be either one page or two pages that’s it. Don’t extend unnecessarily or don’t add too many spaces in between. Even your resume is of one page no matter but don’t add space to increase length.

All important details you can write in resume and the remaining which are not that important you can let them know during interview.


  1. Objective

Objective is also one of the most important sections of your resume, but many pay less attention to Objective section. Your objective in resumeshould be clear and well defined. Objective should brief about your qualities and goals. In short it should be like define your career in a line.

Now a days may just copy paste the Objective from internet even though they don’t understand about the objective nor the employer understands it. Don’t do this as every job profile is different and every person’s skills are different.

3.Important Details

Other than qualification, experience, your contact details are more important. Your contact details should include your email address, phone / mobile number, address. Think your resume is selected but contact details are not valid will the government people try to contact you again. No! So before sending your resume re-check your contact details.

  1. Use Bullets Points

While describing about your educational qualification or about job experience don’t write as a paragraph. Instead use bullets points. Write on one-one point and in short. Even it may look good and will not look as a clutter material.

  1. Educational Qualification

Include all your educational qualification in a proper way in resume. The name of university, percentage scored, year of passing all should be in proper format. Add details of your professional qualification also.

  1. Work History

If you have work experience, write first the current job details and then the previous job details. Employer wants to know about your current status first. In Work History add your company name, joining date and about your job responsibilities handled.


  1. Achievement

If you have any such achievement in life, which may be beneficial for the job, then add. You may stand out for that achievement from other resumes.

  1. Proper Format

Don’t think adding different fonts, different font colouryour resume will stand out. Your resume should be in black and white format. You can use fonts like Arial, Times Roman and font size should be in between 10 to 12.

  1. Well organized

Your resume should be well organized and should be clutter free. It should be readable to the employer. Use proper spacing and proper heading for every section which describe your details. A well organized resume will not confuse the recruiter.

  1. Hobbies

If you are applying for government job,just think; will the employer read your hobbies where more than 1000 resumes they receive for the single post.

Employer will just go through educational qualification and your achievements. About hobbies you can tell during interview.

11.No wrong information

Resume should only speak true and no lies. You may put some wrong information about yourself, while showcasing you as a good. Think what will happen if you get caught for lying after hiring on the job. So there should be no wrong information in resume.

Make your resume as per the above all points and look you will definitely get the call for government job interview.

All the Best!

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