Dressing To Impress In An Interview

dressingproperlyforaninterviewBy:Anshuman Kukreti

Act 1 of Hamlet presents Polonius guiding his son by saying- ‘The apparel oft proclaims the man’, meaning a man’s clothing is what he’s known for. Since the Shakespearean era, clothing has been given utmost importance, be it any business or chore.

You won’t see a fireman wearing a tux and holding a hose or an army officer fighting battles in a pair of shorts. Dressing is a rudimentary and particular essential for a person to excel in any field.

So, why not consider this parameter while going for an interview?

Yes, you have revised all you could, prepared a 2 min-intro, put your papers in order and darted sufficient glances at the company’s website. But, what about dressing?

It is quite a human tendency to overlook these minute details. However, you should know the fact that it is your first impression that counts the most and what better than your dressing sense to leave a positive one.

Here are a few factors that should be in your knowledge regarding the same. Go through them and dress for success.

  • The Company’s Culture: It all goes around this one

Although low-waist trousers and torn jeans were considered a style statement at undergrad school, it would be a fiasco if you wear these for a job-interview.

Different sectors and companies have different perceptions on dress codes. Some go by the written norms, while others follow unmentioned policies. Hence, it is quite imperative to be careful while selecting your outfit.

Moreover, the attire may also vary according to the department that you’re aiming.

For instance, the finance division of an MNC might be more uptight about clothing than its marketing department.

Likewise an interior designing firm might be less stringent about the dress code than a consulting firm. The gist is- you have to pick an attire according to the company and department you’re targeting.

  • Years of Expertise: It matters a lot

The years of experience of an applicant and the level of job applied for, makes a huge difference. For a fresher it is significant to come across as a focused and capable candidate who pays attention to detail as a part of his/her interview skills.

A middle-level professional might not even consider the corporate attire code as he could be accentuating his abilities and experience to a new work environment, more than the formal aspect of dressing.

Here are Some Other Guidelines You Might Want to Consider

  • Wrinkled Clothing is a thing that might put things off at the first instance. Make sure whatever attire you’re wearing is properly ironed to avert being understood for someone who lacks paying attention to detail.
  • Avoid wearing accessories that are flashy. The interviewer would be interested to know you, not your stud or bracelet.
  • Although wearing a perfume or aftershave is quite common amongst interviewees, but you never know, the employer might be allergic to them. Obviously, this won’t be the right way to find out.
  • The Hair : Unless going for an artistic field, consider being conservative with your hairstyle. Get a conventional haircut like a classic taper or business man’s haircut done. The hair should be short on sides and back, but long enough for times you aren’t interviewing. Trendy styles and wet look might appear attractive in clubs and pubs, but not in an interviewing room.
  • The Shave: It’s quite simple-you need to shave. A clean shaven look is the most suitable one that might go with any kind of attire or work environment. Moreover, it shows the fact that you groomed yourself quite well and will make a huge impact on the hiring manager.
  • For women, don’t pick a dress that is too revealing. It’s best to dress formally to avoid any situation that becomes inappropriate. Avoid overdoing your makeup. Use natural colors instead of heavy eye shadow, eyeliners and bright colored lipstick.


So, congratulations for making it to the interview. It’s all on your shoulders to make it through and secure the position you aim for. Be confident and keeping the above tips in mind, dress appropriately. Things will definitely turn in your favor.

Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics relating to employment across the globe.Currently he is working for Naukrigulf.

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