3 New Places To Find A Job

Sometimes while looking for a job you need to change your approach. Handing out resumes door to door or send them out online can be ineffective at times. It’s important to remain creative in the ways you look for a job.

This article will help you tap into the “hidden job market”. Most companies rather hire someone based off a recommendation from someone they trust. Generally when this happens the applicant doesn’t even need to drop off a resume.

places to find a job

Use creativity to create new opportunities for yourself

The hidden job market is among the best places to find a job; more and more people are being hired this way. Building new relationships and being creative are key components to tapping into this market.  This article will show you 3 new places to find a job to help supplement your search.

Industry related seminars

Go directly to the source. Think about where the top people in your industry would hang out. Then do what they would least expect – show up. Educational business seminars or trades are excellent places to find a job and meet many people in your industry.

These people may have a job for you or may be able to recommend you to someone. Attend these events with the goal of meeting some new people and hopefully building relationships that can serve you.

Through volunteer work

Volunteering is also a great way to meet new people. If you are having trouble finding a job take up a volunteer position to occupy some of your time.

Sometimes the volunteer position’s themselves turn into a paid position. Otherwise you are presented with a plethora of opportunities to meet people in a position to help you.

As a volunteer you are basically an outsider with a access to people inside a company or organization.  Use that situation to your advantage by making good impressions and connections.

Directly contacting

Researching a company is key to having a successful interview. You can use this research to your advantage by directly applying to companies. Even if you don’t see them hiring, if you send an email to the right person you may get lucky with either a job or a new connection.

Before directly applying to a company find the right person to contact. Don’t waste your time sending your resume to the general email. To find out the correct person look on their website to see if they have their employees listed. If they do you can choose who would be most appropriate to send your resume to.

If the company does not have their employees on your website you can simply send them an email. Find the general contact email and send them a variation of the following:

Hello, I just had a few questions regarding submitting my resume and applying to become a part of this team – If this is the wrong person, I’m hoping you could please point me in the right direction, thank you!

This way you will be directed to the most appropriate person possible.

Bonus: Past relationships

Use the people you already know to your advantage. Most friends and family members would jump at the chance to help you out – the problem is they can’t if they don’t know you need help.

Just casually mention that you are looking for a job and if they know anyone that needs help to put your name out there. Don’t put any pressure on them, just let it be known.

Take the time to reach out and keep in touch with past professional contacts as well. A simple thank you letter or email can go miles towards strengthening a relationship. These people can also be of help to you while you’re looking for a position.

Keep these tips in mind and always diversify your job search. Just because one technique worked for you in the past doesn’t mean you should continue to use it all the time. Try new things. Always keep an open mind and try and build new relationships.

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