Top 5 tips while looking for a job

Here are some tips and guidelines to follow while looking for a job.  It is important to stay positive and to always stay working in order to achieve your goal of getting a job.

Add these tips to your normal job hunting routine and watch the results come in.

Keep improving

Keep an open mind, there are always new job hunting tips and resume improvements that you can utilize to increase your chances of success. If you’re having trouble being selected for a job, but aren’t making adjustments based your interview your prospects will not improve.

Identify your weaknesses so that you can improve them and prepare for skills that you may appear to be lacking so that you sell yourself effectively. If you keep trying new things and working hard success will follow.

Never stay the same

Always stay learning, there is always a new job hunting tips and resume changes that you can make to increase your chances of success. If your having trouble getting a job and you stay stagnant your situation will automatically get worse.

Try and figure out some things that your not doing that you could start to try, if you keep trying new things and working hard success will follow.

You’ll fail if you let money blind you

Don’t be focused on money. Yes money is important and we all want lots of it. But if you let your job hunt to be dictated purely by how much money you will make then you will get yourself in trouble.

Notice how job scams always say something like “Make $3000 a week in your sleep”?  Scams do this on purpose to lure people only focused on money. These people don’t ask questions like what do I have to do in this position? If its so easy, then why isn’t everyone making 3000 a week? Don’t let money trap you in how you see things.

Don’t be afraid to follow-up. People have been hired months after interviews simply by following up. Sometimes you don’t need to interview again since they have already done so. Maintain a friendly relationship with potential employers is a great way to leave the door open for future job opportunities.


Be on time to the interview! Leave yourself time to gather yourself before you enter when you get there. You shouldn’t be pulling up to the building and immediately sprinting inside. Give yourself enough to where you can relax, gather your thoughts and do some last minute preparations before you go in.

Stay organized

Keep track of the places you call and the people you went. Schedule your follow ups and note which places you already have applied at. This keeps you busy, organized and efficient, remember looking for a job is a job in itself.

Update your resumes/cover letters

Not getting interviews or call backs? Switch up your resume format to find what works for you. If you keep doing the same things over and over you can be assured you will not find success. Spice up your cover letters and resumes to get companies to take a longer look at your profile.

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