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Having trouble deciding how to organize your resume?  Check out the advice below that will help you decide on the best structure for your resume.

You can download some example resumes by clicking here.  This article will give you guidance on setting a tone for your resume.  This tone must be representative of your own personality and show what you can do for a company.  Continue below for practical resume objective examples that you can customize for your needs.

A solid resume objective example

There are many different ways to choose how you lay out your accomplishments on your resume.  The main goal to keep in mind is to have a clear, organized layout that highlights key accomplishments you have chosen starting with your objective.  Start by making a list of your skills & accomplishments and match them together.  Use your accomplishments to highlight your skills as well as prioritize which skills makes you a valuable asset.

Add on to and customize these objectives to help get you started.

Example #1: To learn and grow in a position that allows me to positively contribute to a company in various ways.

Example #2: To become a strong, contributing member of a company that allows opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Example #3:  To be in a position to help people both inside and outside of the workplace team.  I wish to make a noticeable and positive contribute to a company while growing my professional skills.

Generally people like to organize their resume in reverse chronological order, meaning they start with their most recent experiences and list down towards their older experience.  This is how I personally organize my resume, my newer accomplishments are more impressive than my older ones so I like to bring them to the front.  Use whichever format suits the skills you have, customize your resume to the job your applying for.

This is generally a format that most beginners and non professionals use to organize their resume.  Unless you are  applying for a professional position and more than a general overview of your accomplishments is needed, this format should be fine.

A functional resume is when you create a resume & cover letter specific to the position you are applying for.  This approach is used to emphasize your corporate skills and skills that are specific to the position.

This is also a chance to communicate to the employer what type of worker and person you are.  If you have little work experience you can use this method to show what skills you do have and to also try and sell your personality to the employer.

This is a very intimate style of resume, designed to be used for jobs where a certain type of person is needed.  This style is similar to a cover letter, except more in depth and formal.

Another way to organize your resume is by starting with listing your skills.  List all the skills and certifications you have followed by the employers you have worked for.  This is a unique way of organizing your resume which might help you stand out.

You can choose to either customize your objective for each position you apply for or you can create a generic objective that applies to all jobs.

Keep your initial statements short and concise.  Don’t be afraid to re write and come up with multiple versions.  Stay away from mentioning cliche things like wanting to provide for your family & friends.  While this may be true, employers are more interested in how you can help them.  Not how them hiring you will help you.

Trying to make a splash?

Consider making an infographic about your resume.  This a creative and visual way to get potential employers to learn more about you.  Check out this great example by Jennifer Brand here.  You can also look at and search “infographics” to get yourself one for a good price.  This is an example of a resume that captures attention however be sure to only use this resume format when appropriate.  For example this format may be acceptable for a graphic designer but not for high level corporate positions.

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