5 signs that you should quit your job

The following are some tell tale signs that you should quit your job and start working towards what truly makes you happy.

Working in a healthy environment is a key part of leading an enjoyable life.  We all have issues at work (nothing is perfect) but at what point is it enough?

1. You wake up dreading what lies ahead

Work can be tough and it may suck sometimes however if you find yourself constantly waking up and dreading your day you have a big problem.  Work should never feel like it is weighing down on you or make you feel an impending sense of doom.  This horrible feeling of dread occurs when you ignore your sub conscious mind which is trying to tell you what you actually want.

Evaluate your situation at work, consider the pros and cons of leaving and make an informed decision.  Don’t let flimsy reasons hold you back from being happy at your job which brings us to the next reason.

2. Your reasons for being at your job suck

“I need the cash”  “I hate it here but at least its a steady paycheck” ” I have bills due”

We all have bills and responsibilities.  That is a fact for every adult.  The difference between those who have attained what they want and those slaving away at a poor job is they were willing to take a risk to improve their life.

Now taking a risk doesn’t mean you just up and quit your job and hope for the best.  You need to carefully asses your situation and make a plan of action that will best lead you in the direction that you want to go.  Use your strengths and interests to guide you to a position fit for you then take the time and properly prepare for it.

3.You feel no satisfaction from a job well done

Sometimes after years in the same position satisfaction begins to fade.  This can also happen if you are overqualified for the position that you are in.  If you feel no joy from doing a job well done then it’s up to you to take charge and change your situation.  In this situation you have 2 main options.

The first option is you can ask for more responsibilities.  If you feel you are just bored with your current work and would like more of a challenge then a promotion may be able to get you reengaged in your job.  An increase in responsibilities can also lead to higher pay, better vacation options and overall higher sense of achievement.

Your second option is to bide your time at the current job while looking for a new one.  If you feel strongly about your bad situation at work you need to stop just wanting to quit your job and take decisive action.

4. Your never going to be rich collecting a paycheck

If being rich is your goal it won’t be achieved 9-5.  It’s hard to see this vision when you are locked up in proverbial jail however it is imperative you listen and consider it.   Monetary abundance only comes when you are moving along your rhythm, doing your own thing and being fully responsible for your own happiness.

For you the change may be as simple as acquiring a job that better suits your personality and skills.  There is nothing wrong with working a job as long as your a happy.  For others it may take a more drastic move such as opening their own business.  In either case dedication and hard work is needed to escape the dreariness of a job you hate.

5. Your job isn’t letting you grow your skills.

Even if you can’t get promoted, it is usually advantageous to stay at a job if you’re continuing to learn and expand your skills. If you find yourself being worked in to a box, doing repetitive tasks you may need to bring it to your boss’s attention.  Sometimes companies can “forget” about the talents their older employees have so it is important to maintain opening communication with management.  Of course if this solution doesn’t work you need to consider what it would take for you to be in a position where your happy.

In this internet age you can create your own sources of income if you take the right action.  If you have 15 years of secretary expiernce you can turn that into a profitable virtual assistant job where you set your own rules and work from wherever you like.  Another example is if you have a contracting skill, you can use the internet to either attract more customers or take on jobs outside of your city.

In short quitting your job is a combination of researching, planning and guts with the end goal hopefully being an increase in the quality of your life.  It is always important to consider your own personal situation and not fall to outside pressures when it comes to career changes.  If you find yourself experiencing any of these signs take action to improve your situation!

knowing when to quit your job

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